Turnotech in the Mobilink – Warid Merger

Turnotech in the Mobilink – Warid Merger


Please tell us a bit about the background of the project.
VimpleCom which owns mobilink have recently acquired Warid network as well, Merger of these two networks is a unique project which is totally different from conventional RF Projects, This is first of its kind in Pakistan telecom market.

What is Turnotech’s role in this merger?
We are playing major part in this merger project, We have strategic partner agreements with both equipment providers for this project,  We are providing all technical and field support for this project in central region.

What does this merger mean for the sub-Cons, how does it affect other Sub-cons in general and Turnotech in particular?
Every new project brings with it more services, its short term perspective brings with it new outsourcing business, Although in long-term Sub-cons will need to gain more expertise as we are moving from conventional services to new and more technical outsource services, As turnotech is involved in initial and first such project, We will definitely have edge in this field over other suppliers.

What should the general public (the individual consumer) expect as a result of this merger?
For individual consumer it brings with it more value, Now warid customers will be able to use Mobilink 3G services and Mobilink customers will be able to benefit from warid LTE network, Consumers of both operators will also be able to make a call if they are in coverage range of any of two operators, This means one SIM card will be managing both operators.

At what phase is this project?
Project has completed its initial phase and it is expected to be in full swing in second quarter of 2017.

Would you like to comment on how it will affect the telecom industry and the competition between other operators?
This is normal in industrial life cycle where companies merge to consolidate their position, We have seen this before in banking industry in Pakistan and globally such as automotive industry and IT industry, This merger will trigger more of such moves with Ufone-PTCL merger might be on cards.